Ozark Mountain Poultry Expands Operations in Independence County

Ozark Mountain Poultry (OMP), a vertically integrated poultry company based in Rogers continues to expand in Arkansas. In addition to building a new feed mill in Magness to support its growing operations, OMP will purchase the building next door to its Batesville facility.  OMP plans to retrofit that building to accommodate a poultry processing line.  “Instead of adding on to our existing facility or having to build a new structure from scratch, the purchase of the building next door will allow us to complete our expansion with minimal disruption to our current processing”, said OMP CEO, Ed Fryar.   Target completion is scheduled for early 2016.

Fryar also shared that the additions are a reflection of the company’s growth. “We’re proud to continue to build our business operations in Arkansas and deliver quality products to consumers around the country.”

OMP produces premium quality chicken for the restaurant industry and its products are also available at a variety of grocery retailers throughout the country through its consumer-based brand Forester Farmer’s Market.

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