Sales and Production Management Overview


Sales and Production Management Staff

Our processing operates 5 days per week on 2 shifts and is managed by a core group of managers with over 40 years of combined industry experience.  Our management team processes all orders and fills every order with the personal service it deserves.  Production planning is done daily due to the unique nature of our business.  Invoicing is done at the operations level in order to ensure timeliness and accuracy.  All inbound product is purchased and scheduled by this team in order to make certain it meets the proper incoming specification as well as being the right product at the right time.

Our relationships, years of experience and our location (in the heart of the poultry industry) enable us to offer a wide variety of beneficial business services such as project management, product development,  marketing, sales, production and logistics.

Contact us to begin developing a business relationship, as we strive daily to provide:

  • Our Customers Better Value
  • Our Employees Better Opportunities
  • Our Investors Better Returns