Ozark Mountain Poultry

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Through Innovative Means

Ozark Mountain Poultry

Ozark Mountain Poultry is an Arkansas-based corporation formed on October 27, 2000.  Our goal when we founded the company was to provide affordable, premium quality chicken to families.  In just over a decade,  OMP experienced significant growth in both our customer base and our product offerings – with sales now reaching more than $280 million.  Much of this rapid success can be attributed to our company’s focus on providing our customers with low cost, high quality solutions to their poultry deboning  and further processing needs.   OMP is proud to be as much a service company as it is a manufacturer, offering a full line of services including:  front and back-half deboning, tray pack, portion control and specialty packaging.

Current production is approximately 4 million pounds a week of antibiotic free poultry products for the restaurant industry and our consumer-based brand Forester Farmers Market,.


Quality & Innovation

  • Always focused on adding value
  • Innovative, incentive-based pay system that results in higher output and higher yields
  • RFID Technology allows for better tracking of our poultry during production
  • Cutting edge production equipment and techniques to handle the most difficult specifications in the industry



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